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North Yorkshire candidates
There are currently 4891 candidates registered with retailchoice.com interested in opportunities in the North Yorkshire area.

Job ad performance
On average each job advertised in the North Yorkshire area is viewed 67 times and receives 10 applications.

Candidate overview
The data below provides an overview of our candidate audience, updated daily. Find out how many candidates are registered on our CV database, the number of times job ads are viewed and how many applications they receive.

Registered candidates
County Candidates1
West Yorkshire 14,476
South Yorkshire 9,493
North Yorkshire 4,891
East Riding 2,770
Jobs by county
County Applied2 Views3
West Yorkshire 1,146 7,668
South Yorkshire 577 4,125
North Yorkshire 275 1,868
East Riding 7 57
Registered candidates
Region Candidates1
UK 487,638
Yorkshire 26,644

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1Candidate numbers relate to searchable candidates in the retailchoice.com database matching the selected location.
2Application numbers show total applications for jobs currently live.
3Job view numbers show total views for all jobs currently live in the selected areas.

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